The Little Things

As you snuggle in your bed in your new Christmas jammies, don’t forget to thank the universe for letting all of the pieces how they have fallen. (Or God, or your gods, or whoever/whatever you believe in)

Way too many times, we forget and get caught up in the every day hustle and bustle of life. My coffee was too hot and burned my mouth so now I can’t taste my McGriddle. My pants have a tear in the seam. My car needs gas but I’m already running late. 

What we forget about is that we have all of those things to complain about. 

We have the coffee machine and the electricity and the kitchen and the house needed to make the too-hot coffee. We also have the money to go get a McGriddle. 

We have clothes to put on and a job to go to. 

We have a car to drive and a bed to sleep too late in. 

I know this sounds super preachy, but at the peak of your stresses for the rest of this year (it’s only like 6 days, I know you can do it), think of all the things that are stressing you out and think of the fact that you have them to stress over. You have a family and a home and a job and friends and money. You have a life that the universe/God/gods gave you, and no matter what’s happening, it’s for a reason. It always will end in something that needed to happen. 

Sometimes those somethings aren’t things we want. But they are almost always things that either we need or the people we love need. 

This itself is the hardest part of being human, in my opinion. Being able to sit back in the face of a problem and accept what’s going on as the best thing that could happen, is so so hard. I know that, and so does anyone you talk to. But if you just start accepting the things you can’t change and fighting for the things that really, truly matter, you’ll be so much happier, and in turn everyone around you will be happier. And then everyone around them will be happier. 

So let it go. Your mouth won’t be burnt forever. That McGriddle probably tasted awful anyway. Those pants were too small and you knew it. There is no way to get around gas in your car. 

Take life head on, and I promise you things will get easier. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year. Thank you guys for reading my ramblings xoxo

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