Twenty and Broke and Tired

A week ago I turned twenty, and I was disappointed, to say the least, at how normal the day felt. I was expecting a crazy, fun, college-y birthday and ended up with a Bob Evans brunch and pulled pork dinner.
Even though I wanted a transformation into my twenties like the Sims where they spin around and glitter flies off of them, what I got was much less dramatic, but much much better.
As bummed as I was to be bored, I realized that I was glad to be bored. I was glad to be relaxing, playing Thrillville in my pajamas, listening to my boyfriend play Borderlands 2, not worrying about anything else. I wasn’t worried (for the day) about a massive amount of bills (even though I still owe on tuition this semester, lol & r.i.p.) or about anyone else or anything else. All I was focused on was the then and there, and I couldn’t be happier.
This post isn’t supposed to be a gloat about my boring and normal life. This post is all about my twenties and how I’m going to make them just like my twentieth birthday- living in the here and now.
The next ten years, by all other accounts, is supposed to be about myself and building me up as high as I can. And it will be about that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to focus on more than me though.
This is my pledge that the next ten years will be about bettering myself not only through myself, but also through others. I believe that the best way to improve yourself is to improve the lives of others, and now is the time to do that.
I’m going to love myself more than I ever have, and make 15-year-old me say “damn”. I am going to let the crap roll off my shoulders like never before, and get my life to where I always dreamed it should be.
I know now that in order to be thirty and flirty and thriving, I must first be twenty and broke and tired.
Here’s to the next ten years. 

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