New Year, New Blog, Same Me

Hello, internet. It’s me again.

It’s that time of the year- “New Year, New ME!!!” time. Are you ready for a packed gym, higher produce prices, and extra people trying to do good things because they believe that THIS is their year?

Yeah, me neither.

This year, my biggest ~online~ resolution is to find a new purpose for this blog. It’s kind of been a sad, boring collection of my random and kind of smart thoughts for the past 18 months, but now my baby is walking and has a new purpose.

I will write at least once a week (lol or I’ll try) and my big purpose will be helping people fall back in love with their hair.

Let me explain.

Yes, I’m jumping on the Natural Hair Blogger train. I’m doing it because I’ve been natural on and off my whole life. I’m almost three years out from my “big chop”, and I have the hardest time trying to find products that work miracles for my hair at prices that are somewhat affordable. Here is my pledge to try new, fun things with my hair, document it, and share it with the world (or the facebook hair groups I’m in. Either one.)

I hope you enjoy, I’ll post a new blog once a week!


One Comment Add yours

    You got a new subbie ,
    I´m Looking forward to read you´re posts

    Have a Nice week

    Hugz and kisses,

    Miss B.


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